Adoption and the Gospel

Note from the editors: This post is from good friends of ours. We hope you take to heart their message and see the Holy Spirit's presence in your life an adopted child of God! You can find out more about Stephen and Sharon's story at




I have always liked the idea of adoption. Even at a young age I remember thinking how
much it made sense. Adoption is choosing to legally declare that a child is one’s own. This child
fully takes on the role of what a natural child would, with all the benefits and responsibilities that
come along with it. It is out of no merit of the child. The child simply exists, and a loving
adoptive mother and father take care of all his needs. In adoption, the parents often are already
loving that child way before they even know he or she even exists. It is with pursuant love that
they get paperwork, fundraise, prepare the home, and pray for the child. They know the cost and
the sacrifice. They know about the possibility of rejection and grief. But the love for that child
will prevail. Likewise, out of no merit of our own, we have been adopted and called sons of God.
Abba Father chose to love us, die for us, and give us an eternal inheritance. Adoption is an
eternal story that the Godhead chose to pursue in eternity past. God knew the sacrifice and the
ultimate cost. He new the rejection and the grief. And for reasons that are incomprehensible to us
humans, he decided to show what true love and sacrifice are so that we might become His sons
and daughters.

So here we are. My wife and I have been married almost 8 years and we used to tell
ourselves that we would have kids after our college days. Well those days came and went. We
tried three cycles of intrauterine insemination. But pregnancy was not meant to be. I could see
the pain in my wife’s eyes. Everyone around her seemed to be posting pictures of sonograms,
lifelong friends and acquaintances getting pregnant, and simple grocery shopping turning out to
be a reunion of all the expectant mothers, that is of course with the sole exception of her. But a
loud voice was clear through it all: “this is not about you.” So, we looked into international
adoption. And to our great disappointment, most countries have very rigid policies regarding
younger prospective adoptive parents. Not to mention the outrageous cost of adopting
internationally. It wasn’t long after that we looked at adoption through foster care. After going
through classes, home visits, stacks of paperwork, and endless hours of prep work, we became
foster parents. Three years have gone by and we have seen 17 children come through our home
with 3 failed adoptions. And with each kid leaving, the pain and grief of our empty nest has been
revived. Adoption is not easy. It is not for one who wants something given to them.


Adoption will require everything from you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We have recently
decided to adopt privately. Again, hours and stacks of paperwork, home visits, and this time add
fundraising as well. Other than our home, this will be the biggest economic “investment” of our
lives. Because that is what adoption is. It is investing in a child’s life. It is saying to a child to
whom you have no connection or obligation: I will love you, you are my responsibility, I will die
for you and there is nothing that you will do that could ever separate my love for you.
Adoption to me is the one thing that has always resonated with the Gospel. Along with
marriage, it is the best representation of what God has done for us. Just like God calls us and
chose us to be his sons and daughters out of no merit of our own, adoption is the same. It is truly
a privilege to be part of such a visual representation of the essence of what God has done for us. I
know adoption and foster care are not for everyone.


There are many ways to help those who are already involved or are actively trying to become parents. You can be a part through prayer, encouragement, as well as donating time and money. Don’t be indifferent! As the Church of Christ, we have such an opportunity to make a lasting influence in the lives of the ‘least of these’ by acting out our beliefs in a pure way—to take care of the fatherless. Jesus loves the children is not just a Sunday school song, it is a command and a way of life demonstrated to us by God Himself. What is your part in adoption?

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