Advent & Isaiah 9:6

December 13, 2018

Isaiah 9:6 (ESV)

For to us a child is born,

to us a son is given;

and the government shall be upon[d] his shoulder,


and his name shall be called

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


This verse fills me with wonder and hope. It is fascinating to me that when Jesus came as an infant, born in  human flesh, He was also the answer to the groaning and pain the world had known since the fall in Eden. He is the perfect prescription for our sinful illness. I am so thankful, particularly this season, that Jesus is qualified by these names. I am thankful to worship this humble King who knows my pain and can give me the counsel to fight through the storm. I am thankful to praise a mighty God, who is greater than any king and stronger than any army. I am comforted that He is an everlasting Father who is and has always been one with the Father, and is eternally present for His family. I am awestruck that the King of this world is a King of peace and not war. Isaiah 9 holds my heart this Advent season. My prayer is that it finds you as well and answers the deep needs of your broken heart.

Below is a quote from Charles Spurgeon regarding this passage. It says everything I want to say concerning this “child born and son given”, and hopefully it is helpful to you as well!


“The moment we really believe in Jesus as our salvation we fall before him, and call him Master and Lord. We serve when he saves. He has redeemed us unto himself, and we own that we are his. A generous man once bought a slave-girl. She was put upon the brook for auction, and he pitied her and purchased her; but when he had bought her he said to her, “I have bought you to set you free. There are your papers, you are a free woman.” The grateful creature fell at his feet and cried, “I will never leave you; if you have made me free I will be your servant as long as you live, and serve you better than any slave could do.” This is how we feel towards Jesus. He sets us free from the dominion of Satan, and then, as we need a ruler, we say, “And the government shall be upon his shoulder.” We are glad to be ruled by “Emmanuel, God with us.” This also is a door of hope to us That Jesus shall be the monarch of our hearts is our exceeding joy. To us he shall be always “Wonderful.” When we think of him, or speak about him, it shall be with reverent awe. When we need advice and comfort, we will fly to him, for he shall be our Counselor. When we need strength, we will look to him as our Mighty God. Born again by his Spirit, we will be his children, and he shall be the everlasting Father. Full of joy and rest, we will call him Prince of Peace. Are you willing to have Christ to govern you? Will you spend your lives in praising him? You are willing to have Christ to pardon you, but we cannot divide him, and therefore you must also have him to sanctify you. You must not take the crown from his head; but accept him as the monarch of your soul. If you would have his hand to help you, you must obey the scepter which it grasps. Blessed Emmanuel, we are right glad to obey thee I In thee our darkness ends, and from the shadow of death we rise to the light of life. It is salvation to be obedient to thee. It is the end of gloom.” - Charles Spurgeon


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