Advent Stewarding This Season

December 6, 2018

I turned on a cheesy Christmas movie last week. I love all things Christmas and I was alone, so I could pick whatever I wanted. You can pretend all you want that you don’t like Hallmark type Christmas movies, but I would bet you money that if you walked into a room with one on, you would stay. In this particular movie, within ten minutes of the opening scene, the main character has tuned into a radio station and the DJ reads the account of the Christmas story from Luke. I’ll be honest that part of my heart was a tiny resentful and confused. I thought, “oh, so at Christmas time the world likes to talk about Jesus”.


Even the most secular Christmas movies still have Christmas songs about Jesus, scenes of churches, or the classic pan away of a Nativity display. It would be an easy response to be resentful. It would be sinfully simple to think so selfishly about how the world rejects Jesus and the church all year long, but makes exceptions in December. This on the contrary, is all the more reason to make this time of year count for the sake of the gospel.


In Luke 10:2, Jesus says, “the harvest is plentiful”, yet we assume rejection. Instead of being annoyed, or continuing to believe that others are not interested in the true meaning of Christmas, we should look forward to this time as being an excellent opportunity for the spreading of the good news.This is the time of year when people are more open than ever to discuss the things of God, and there are countless ways to catalyze on this season of charity and good will.


Ask your co-workers about their Christmas plans and traditions, and then share yours.  Do you read the Christmas story in Luke as a family at any point? Don’t skirt over that detail as if they don’t care or it doesn’t matter. The harvest is plentiful because seeds have been planted. It’s amazing how people pick up on little things and seek you out in times of crisis because you’re the person who goes to church.


As a manager, I always started off my staff meetings with icebreaker questions. Use the influence you have to start discussions that can lead to Jesus. Have your neighbors over for a holiday dinner, and PRAY before you eat. It’s Christmas, no one is offended that you are talking to the God who sent this son to be born of a virgin. Take cookies to your neighbors with an invitation to your Christmas Eve service at church.


One time I asked a coworker to come to a Christmas Eve service and she gave me a deer in the headlights look. I didn’t push it, and I invited her to church other times after that. I’ll be honest, it felt weird when she froze, but it was out of obedience that I asked her and not for her reaction. Brothers and sisters, let’s be obedient to the gospel of Jesus Christ and use the Christmas season to tell others about the baby in whom they are celebrating.


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