Waiting for Normal

September 9, 2018



As much as we like a sense of control, our lives are one second from crazy at any moment. We enter into our summers with the expectation of a couple weeks of busyness before our schedule returns to “normal”, but then life doesn’t settle down. We think, “Once fall hits and school starts, we will have a normal routine.”


The problem is that we often wait to start anything new until there is a sense of normal and  routine. So we wait, and we wait. We miss out on so much because we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to adapt us to His rhythms. We don’t notice that God is also at work in the unnormal.


My summer was much like this. The last few weeks of summer were clear on our calendar and I was looking forward to taking our boys to the pool, water balloon fights in the backyard, and whatever fun summer activity each day allowed. We then had two family emergencies that called us out of town, bringing changes to what we previously expected to be a quiet schedule. In the midst of the crazy I had brought my kids to yet another thing: a worship event. We were singing and I was feeling torn and worn out, but in that moment the Lord very graciously said to me in regards to my kids, “This is not lost on them.” This seemingly chaotic season is not a waste.


Because I often feel like I have to have “normal” in my life to plan things that are educational, and be intentional with my children, God’s message to me was very relieving and encouraging. You see, even if it was a little hectic, I know my children will remember the trips to be with family, to serve, to give, to comfort, and to help. They will remember the crazy summer schedules of what I dragged them to and the older kids who played with them, noticed them, and included them.


When I wait for normal, I miss what the Lord is currently doing. Parent or not, this applies to everyone. The craziness in our own lives is not without purpose, redemption, or our own sanctification. Everything around us changes, but Jesus never changes.


We can’t sit and wait to jump in and be involved in what the Lord is calling us to. Normal is redefined in every season, and we are often slow to adjust because we want the old normal. Let us cling to Jesus who is our only rock and trust the Holy Spirit to lead each day whether it fits our normal or not.


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