For the City is a ministry of The Avenue Church in Independence, MO. As a collective, we are striving to intersect the Gospel and the city in order to make disciples, equip the people of our cities, and to build the kingdom of God for the good of our cities. We want to help reach our cities through providing practical thought and discussion regarding missional innovation, theological clarity, and gospel centrality, 


One of the great church father-theologians, Augustine, wrote a very defining piece of literature titled, The City of God (427 A.D.) In this book, Augustine makes a distinction between what is referred to as the City of God (God's kingdom) in contrast to the City of Man (or the earthly city). The church is the City of God, and we are sojourning through the City of Man to bring renewal, beauty, hope, and redemption by declaring in word and in deed that the Gospel is the power of God and our hope in renewal of broken and fallen people (Romans 1:16).


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